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The 10 Most Expensive Mickey Mouse Gifts

10. Mickey Mouse Leather Jacket

Celebrating Mickey's 75th Anniversary, this leather jacket sold for $395. There are four patches celebrating Mickey today, the Mickey Mouse Club, Fantasia, and Steamboat Willie.

9. Mickey Mouse Children's Chair

This Mickey Mouse child's chair sold for $460. It is poly urethane foam over a wood frame, with soft polyester fabric. The bottom of the seat is about thirteen inches square, and eleven inches off the ground. Perfect fun for little kids.

8. Mickey Mouse Train Set

This is the complete Lionel Disney Mickey Mouse Set. Made between 1991 and 1996, there are a total of fifteen pieces. A locomotive, caboose, and thirteen box cars. This one sold for $595.

7. Mickey Mouse Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski issued these beautiful crystal pieces in 2012. It is called the Disney Mickey Mouse set. The retail prices were $325 for Mickey, $325 for Minnie, and $300 for Pluto. Here is the Swarovkski collection ...

6. Mickey Mouse Statues

This store display Mickey stands twenty-nine inches tall. A fun Mickey statue like this would look great anywhere! It sold for $823.

5. Mickey Mouse Magazines

Sold for $1200, this Mickey Mouse Magazine is Volume 2 Number 3, issued in 1936. Many more are listed on our Mickey Mouse Magazine page.

4. Mickey Mouse Gold Coins

In 2014 the New Zealand mint issued for the Pacific Island of Niue this gold coin featuring Steamboat Willie. It instantly sold out and costs over $1000, if you can find one. Only 1000 were issued. Go Here For More Information ...

3. Mickey Mouse Animation Art Cels

You can get animation art cel copies fairly inexpensively. For limited edition movie cels like this one sold for $2200. Either way, they are wonderful and different gifts. Here are more examples ...

2. Mickey Mouse Watches

Rolex and diamond Mickey Mouse watches always welcome gifts. They will set you back several thousand dollars, like this $3295 watch.

1. Original, Old Mickey Mouse Collectibles

If it's old it's valuable. This 1930s poster sold for $14,000.

Here you can see more posters ...

Mickey Mouse Stock Poster (Columbia, c. Early 1930s). One Sheet (28" X 41"). In 1930, Columbia Pictures bought the Disney contract from Pat Powers of Celebrity Productions with all the rights to the previous films. Disney stayed with that studio until mid-1932 when Walt wanted more money to expand his cartoons and the creative control to do so. He then turned to United Artists, who agreed to his requests. This gorgeous and early stock poster was printed by an "Other Company," Central Show PTG. CO., Mason City, IA. It was no doubt sold to theaters running the shorts with great popularity during this early Columbia period when Mickey still had his "sliced eyes" as they are called. They were gone by 1932 and the United Artist period. This is a very rare poster. This is a beautiful and vibrant copy of an animation gem! Very Fine- on Linen.

Additionally, for fantastic, and usually not cheap, artwork featuring Mickey Mouse, make sure you see the art page. These are typically limited editions (often very limited) that may not always be available.



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