10 Most Popular Mickey Mouse Searches on Ebay

10. Mickey Mouse Backpack


Mickey Mouse backpacks are fun to wear. Great for little kids. Then newly cool again for high schoolers. There is quite a variety. From the understated black and white in this picture, to bright red and white with big ears.

9. Mickey Mouse Kitchen


You can’t go wrong with Mickey in your kitchen. These new spatulas are awesome. Add some color, and some fun, to your kitchen. Now the kids will really want to lend a helping hand.

8. Mickey Mouse Bedding


Snuggle into bed with Mickey. Kids will love this and adults too! A large, every changing selection of bedding is always available.

7. Mickey Mouse Phone


The classic Mickey Mouse phone. Perfect for the desk of anyone who enjoys a bit of fun. This one is also animated and Mickey will talk to you.

6. Mickey Mouse Sweater


This could be you wearing a trendy Mickey Mouse sweater. Or, you can go with a classic look. Whatever your mood or style, Mickey has something for you.

5. Vintage Mickey Mouse


Anything old is popular. Like this vintage Mickey Mouse drummer pull toy. Made when toys were made from wood and lasted a long time.

4. Mickey Mouse Doll


Doesn’t everyone have a Mickey Mouse doll? If you don’t – now is the time to join in the fun. The ultimate, classic gift.

3. Mickey Mouse DVD


Get your DVD while you can so you can watch Mickey whenever you want. With so much media going online into the “cloud” no one really own movies anymore. Make sure you can always have a piece of the Mouse.

2. Mickey Mouse Purse


We would not have expected purses to be so popular, but apparently everyone wants to take Mickey with them around town. Why have a boring purse no one notices when you can have a fun Mickey purse?

1. Mickey Mouse Plush

plush santa

Perfect for Christmas. The Mickey Santa plush doll.

One thought on “10 Most Popular Mickey Mouse Searches on Ebay

  1. Darlene Moyer

    Don’t now if this is the right place to ask, but I am looking for what a set of dishes are worth it is 16 PC Spirit MM Dinnerware STit was sealed opened on box to see what it looks like. Also have lots of other Mickey and Disney things. Were is a good place to find the value.


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