Captain Hook and Dangerous Crocodiles

Tragic news from Disney World about an alligator killing a two-year old boy on the grounds of the Disney World Hotel.

Questions immediately arose about Disney’s potential liability, with some saying alligators are not known to be dangerous to humans and Disney would not have known of any risk. As much as we love Disney, there is a reason why warning signs exist throughout Florida, people avoid water areas at certain times of the day, and feeding the gators is illegal.

When Peter Pan was released in 1953 part of the fun story line was about a crocodile who thought Captain Hook was yummy and wanting a few more bites. Here is a clip if for some reason you are not familiar with Peter Pan:

Yes, its a cartoon, but based on fact to create tension. If there wasn’t some reality that animal would not have been used in the film. Crocodiles / alligators are dangerous to people. Everyone knows it (or should know it). Disney knows it.

Peter Pan, 1953, is a lesson about alligators being dangerous – even killing people. Lets hope this recent tragic event never happens again.

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