Mickey Mouse at the First Super Bowl


The first Super Bowl in 1967 was won by the Green Bay Packers over the Kansas City Chiefs. In an interesting story appearing 50 years after the inaugural championship game between the National Football League and the then separate American Football League, Mickey Mouse played an interesting role at the game.

It is a story never told before. The photographer aware of the story was the only photographer allowed in the Kansas City Chief’s locker room. Since the Chief’s lost he was not allowed to publish pictures he took, and no one then was much interested in a side-story involving the losing team.

The long established Green Bay Packers apparently considered the Chiefs a “Mickey Mouse team”.

In response, since the game was in Los Angeles the team got a number of Mickey Mouse ears and Kansas City players were wearing them in the locker room before the game and during halftime. It was an attempt at motivation by coach Hank Stram. Unfortunately for the Chiefs, it did not work as the Packers and their legendary coach Vince Lombardi won the first Super Bowl.

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