Mickey Mouse Christmas House

mickey mouse christmas house

Do you decorate your house for Christmas with Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters?  Are you over the top (and do you have a Mickey tree topper?)

If so, the Mickey Mouse Christmas House in Marin, California, is something you will be interested in.

The house is located at 417 Blackstone Drive in San Rafael and through New Years Eve is lit up every night between six and ten at night.  More than ten thousand people come each year to see this amazing display.  Decorating begins by the Mize family in October because there is so much to do and put up.  The Mize’s first began creating their Mickey Mouse house more than three decades ago.  Their garage is filled to the top with items featuring Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters to decorate their house each year.  Overall, it takes about one thousand total man hours to complete the decorating.

The Mickey Mouse Christmas House is so impressive it is part of this years “The Great Christmas Light Fight” which is showing on ABC Television.  People are competing for who has the biggest, and perhaps gaudiest, Christmas display.

The Griswalds would have loved this!

This year as part of the festivities the Mize family is helping the Kelly’s Wishes Foundation by hosting a fundraiser at the house.  The Kelly’s Wishes Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to helping those in Marin.  It is named after cancer claimed Kelly Case Moulton in 2007.



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