Mickey Mouse Meets NASCAR – and Has an Awesome Time

mickey mouse diecast nascar

Mickey and the Roadster Racers is a new show on the Disney Junior channel. The show features Mickey and friends as they race around the world in a series of crazy and fun races.

While racing across the world as fast as possible there is learning taking place about each country they are racing in.

But this isn’t just any Mickey Mouse fun, and it isn’t just any wacky race.

NASCAR celebrities such as Jeff Gordon, Danica Patrick and Jimmie Johnson have taken some time off the track to lend their voices to the show.

mickey racers jeff gordon

Jeff Gordon is the guest star known as Gordon Gear. Here he is as the handsome hot dog driver. Who knew that snarfing down hot dogs was the key to winning NASCAR races?

mickey racers hot dog

Danica Patrick guest stars as race car driver Dannie Sue. Jimmie Johnson stars as Jumping Jiminy Johnson.

Who knows? After their racing days are over Jeff, Danica and Jimmie may have a future as Disney stars.

This isn’t the first time Mickey Mouse has teamed up with NASCAR.

In 2004 this Mickey Mouse Monte Carlo diecast car was made to celebrate the Daytona 500.

mickey mouse daytona 500

The diecast is a good size, made on a 1:24 scale.

Only 20,008 were made so it is a real collectible.

mickey mouse diecast

mickey mouse nascar

mickey mouse race car

Mickey Mouse is driving car number 04 in the Daytona 500. His sponsors include Goodyear, Auto Meter, Mac Tools, Edelbrock and Moog.

We have the feeling that Mickey is going to win!


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