Mickey Mouse on the Cover of Life Magazine

In today’s digital age do you remember Life Magazine? Many do, and in July 2016 Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney made a surprise appearance on the cover.

MIckey Mouse Life Magazine 2016

This nostalgia trip with Walt Disney has its own new bit of trivia: believe it or this, this is the first time Walt Disney has been on the cover of Life Magazine.

His immortal characters and company scenes have been on numerous covers, but never Walt himself until now.

The cover features Mickey appearing to be standing on Walt’s lap.

Mickey Mouse Life Magazine 1978

Mickey Mouse was also on the cover in 1978 for his 50th anniversary. This covers shows him painting a self portrait as if he were Norman Rockwell. Other popular stories of the issue included What Israel Giving up the Sinai, 75 years of flight, and the disco craze.

Mickey Mouse Life Magazine 1971

Disney characters, including Mickey also appeared on a few other covers, such as the 1971 cover celebrating the opening of Walt Disney World in Florida, but these are the two where Mickey Mouse was a prime feature for the cover.

Mickey Mouse Life Magazine 1934

In 1934 Mickey was sort of on a humorous cover. The lady is saying “I said I’d go as Minnie-ha-ha, not Minnie Mouse…” as her man looks a little foolish in his Mickey Mouse costume.

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