Photographer Paul Hiffmeyer Retires from Disneyland

paul hiffmeyer We all love the stunning pictures from Disneyland. All too often the person behind the camera remains behind the today.

One of those persons behind the camera, in fact the Chief Photographer for Public Relations at Disneyland Resort, Paul Hiffmeyer, just hung up his lens. Or, at least hung it up as a Disney employee. The Chief Photographer position is one he had held since 2005.

Here is an example of Hiffmeyer’s work, one of his last pictures posted to the Disney blog: an after dark photo of Peter Pan’s Flight:

peter pan flight

That is a real nice and colorful picture that would make most anyone want to go see the Peter Pan ride.

Hiffmeyer says his favorite photo is from Partners Statue of Walt and Mickey:

Partners Statue

Most tourists will take a picture from the front of the statue. This behind the statue shoot is impressive because the fog is coming in obscuring the park. From the angle it appears Walt is talking to Mickey and pointing off into the distance. Due to the fog you cannot see what is there. Wonderful – it leaves up to your imagination!

That original photo was in color. The black and white version aptly illustrates the effect you can have by testing some of your pictures to see how they look in both color and black and white.

Now that Paul is retiring what we really want to know is … how do you get a job as a photographer at Disneyland? !!

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