Pictures of Mickey Mouse Tattoos

Philippe Coutinho Mickey Mouse tattoo

We came across this picture on ESPN, from an unspecified Twitter account, showing off Liverpool soccer player Philippe Coutinho’s Mickey Mouse tattoo. By the way – nice abs. So it got us thinking … what other Mickey Mouse tattoos are out there?

Turns out there’s a lot!

Mickey ears tattoo

Using Mickey ear shapes instead of stars (although there is one star in this spread) creates a nice look. Three simple circles is all it takes to be instantly recognized as a Mickey Mouse fan.

Mickey Kissing Minnie tattoo

Awwww. How cute! Mickey kissing Minnie with Snow White’s castle as a backdrop. Do you know anyone who popped the big question and proposed while at Disneyland?

Mickey skeleton tattoo

Definitely on the edgy side. This tattoo also seemed to be on a weird place – a knee. Maybe the angle is bad for the picture.

3 eyed Mickey tattoo

Um – no. The three eyed Mickey Mouse doesn’t work for us. Tattoos are personal so maybe this means a lot to someone. But if you’re just looking for ideas this is probably not it.

Walking Mickey tattoo

Mickey Mouse walking or taking a stroll. This is a different look and we like it. There is an air of self confidence about this depiction.

Mickey Mouse toe

A Mickey Mouse toe. This is an idea we certainly never would have thought of. And probably haven’t seen any other tattoos placed on the bottom pad of a big toe.

One thought on “Pictures of Mickey Mouse Tattoos

  1. Terre Reinhardt

    I have a Mickey Mouse onyx Gold ring that I would love to find out its value. Cannot find any other pictures of it


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