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Funko is a Washington state based collectibles company and POP! is Funko’s ultra popular brand of fun and colorful products.

On this page we are collecting everything possible about Funko’s POP Mickey Mouse products.

Note that each of these products has been put in Funko’s “vault”. That means no more are being made and you cannot buy them directly from Funko on their site. Instead, we have other places where you can still find these awesome collectibles.

Classic Funko POP Mickey Mouse

funko pop mickey mouse

The classic Funko POP!, this vinyl Mickey Mouse stands three and three-quarter inches high.

The image of Mickey is classic. His white gloved hands are stretched out to each side.

Mickey’s head is large in the POP style. His head is a bit squarish, but everything else is round – from the ears to the eyes.

The Disney window pane box the figurine comes in is numbered 01 at the top right corner. That is only fitting is Mickey Mouse is #1 when it comes to Disney.

This Funko has received great reviews with about 83 percent of buyers giving it a four or five star rating out of five. Nice!


The Epic Mickey Mouse by Funko POP

funko pop mickey mouse epic

The Epic Mickey Mouse from Funko is a lot like the classic Mickey Mouse in overall size (three and three-quarter inches high) and appearance.

However, Epic Mickey is holding a paint brush in his right hand with blue paint on the end.

The Disney window pane box for this epic version has number 64 in the top right corner.

About 90 percent of buyers (a whopping amount) give Epic Mickey a four or five rating out of five.


Huge 9 Inch Funko Mickey Mouse

funko pop mickey mouse 9 inch

This large nine inch Funko Mickey Mouse looks the same as the smaller POP version except, obviously, it is about three times as large.

The 9 inch high version can be hard to find and is a real collectible.

This also means prepare to pull out a bit of cash because it is expensive. Although it is about three times the size expect to pay a lot more than three times the value of the smaller version – assuming you can even find the larger version.

The original box also has the number 01 at the top right.

It be hit or miss, so even though this larger Funko is more expensive, if you find one available you may want to grab it fast.


Mini Mickey and Minnie Mouse Funko

funko pop mickey mouse mini

If you thought a regular Funko POP vinyl was short wait until you see these “mini” POP vinyls! They come it at only two and one-half inches high.

This duo set is of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.

The Disney box again has the number 01 at the top right corner.

Super cute, the matching mini Minnie Mouse is dressed in pink with pink shoes, a pink and white polka dot dress, and a pink and white polka dot bow on top of her head.

Another winner, about 88 percent of buyers give the mini Funko Mickey Mouse a big thumbs up with a four or five star rating out of five.


Funko Mickey Mouse Cupcake Keepsake

funko pop mickey mouse cupcake

Here is an interesting but hard to find Funko collectibles – the Mickey Mouse Cupcake Keepsake.

Mickey Mouse is shown on a red pedestal with the label bearing the words “Mickey Mouse” at the bottom (just in case you didn’t know who this was).

Unlike the regular Funko Mickey Mouse vinyls, this cupcake version has a mouth.

This product definitely has a cupcake shape. Mickey’s head is very square and on top of his head is a generous pyramid of what looks like bright red frosting.

You can take Mickey off his pedestal and the frosting lid of cupcake comes off so you can store items inside.

Note: This is small with everything coming in at three inches high.


Funko Goldmine Hikari Sofubi Mickey Mouse

funko mickey mouse hikari

This large eight and one-half inch high Mickey Mouse from Funko is one of its very limited edition Hikari Sofubi vinyl figures.

Only 500 were ever made! Each is numbered and the numbering was done by hand.

This version is called Goldmine. Not surprisingly, it is a gold and black figure of Mickey

For background information, Hikari is a Japenese girls name meaning light.

Sofubi is Japanese and means soft vinyl.

Many, if not all of these Hikari doll versions were originally exclusively sold by Entertainment Earth. You’re not going to find them anymore there, or in stores, but can be found elsewhere online.


Funko Snowcone Hikari Sofubi Mickey Mouse

funko mickey mouse hikari snowcone

This alternate version of the Hikari Sofubi Mickey Mouse is called snow cone.

The colors range from purple to blue to red to pink to white reflecting how the colors can disappear from a snow cone.

Only 250 were made of this version so it will be especially hard to find.


Classic Funko Hikari Sofubi Mickey Mouse

funko mickey mouse hikari classic

A very classic look, this Funko Hikari version shows Mickey Mouse in normal coloring with yellow shoes and red shorts.

This limited edition had 750 made. Although this is more than other Hikari Sofubi versions, the popularity of this classic depiction of Mickey makes it in more demand and very hard to find.


Black and White Funko Hikari Sofubi Mickey Mouse

funko mickey mouse hikari bw

No need to worry about what happened to the colors in the picture – there are none.

Funko made this black and white version of its Hikari Mickey.

Only 500 were made.

Consider the black and white to be a throw-back to Mickey’s beginnings in the 1920s – or just a unique version of the collectible.


Grape Soda Funko Hikari Sofubi Mickey Mouse

funko mickey mouse hikari green

Back to the colors!

This vivid green and purple Hikari version is called “Grape Soda” by Funko.

500 were made.

This style is not our favorite. But at the same time that makes it perfect for collectors looking for an eye-popping piece others won’t have.


Are you aware of a Funko Mickey Mouse product not show here? Let us know by using our contact page. Thanks.

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