Very Nice Mickey Mouse Nike Baseball Cap

nike baseball cap black

This stylish Mickey Mouse Nike baseball cap grabbed out attention because its simplicity is so striking.

A black hat with no words. Just a small, white, Mickey Mouse silhouette on the front. Nothing even on the brim. The back side of the baseball cap has just the Nike swoosh in matching white embroidery.

nike baseball cap black back

Very nice!

This type of cap can be worn anywhere a baseball cap can be worn. Everyone will recognize Mickey Mouse. At the same time you’re celebrating Disney in such an understated manner.

If you’re not a Disney Park you can try to find one here. We saw this hat, new, sell for $45. Not cheap. But not your every day hat.

One thought on “Very Nice Mickey Mouse Nike Baseball Cap

  1. Natalie Dunstan

    Hi, i have a mickey mouse plush toy im trying to get some information f him wondering if you can help me! Ive search on google and cant find anything! Tha k in advance if you are able to help


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