Why Does Mickey Mouse Have Four Fingers on His Hand?

Here is an interesting question: why does Mickey Mouse only have four fingers?

Mickey Mouse Hand

Did you even realize Mickey only have four fingers instead of five?

Most people never notice.

And no, we’re not talking about four fingers plus a thumb.

It turns out that most cartoon characters, especially older characters who were hand drawn, only have four digits. The reason is the circle method was used to draw the character – which is quite obvious when it comes to Mickey Mouse – and it is very difficult to get five realistic fingers on a hand using that method.

Or if there are five fingers for them to be recognizable.

Walt Disney once reportedly stated when asked about this question: “using five fingers would have made Mickey’s hands look like a bunch of bananas.”

Interestingly, there is also a psychological issue at play. Most fans have never noticed or thought about the number of fingers because our brain “sees” five and that nothing is out of the ordinary. Our brain filters what is known to be a human-like character into having human characteristics, and that includes four fingers being recognized as five fingers.

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  1. Carmen

    I have a Mickey Mouse pop up kitchen cup dispenser from 1986 unopened. Any idea how much it would be worth?


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