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1936 Disney Patent Print

Did you know Walt Disney was granted a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office for how to make animation?

It's true.

Filed in 1936 and approved in 1940, Disney called it the Art of Animation.

The patent shows the process Disney used to create his wonderful animations.

This unique print has been created for the first time ever for Disney fans!

Measuring a large 11 x 14 inches the print is ready to frame.

Six different diagrams are included in this patent depiction showing how Disney used layers of prints filmed on a table to create depth and movement.

You've never seen anything like it (and your family and friends will not have either). Who knew Walt Disney received a patent for his animation process?

This historical event has finally been brought back to life.

Get your Art of Animation print today for just $19.95 - includes free shipping and handling.

This wonderful print is not available anywhere else.

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1929 Mickey Mouse Patent Print

In 1929 Walter E. Disney filed this patent application for Mickey Mouse.

Mickey is more appropriately the subject of trademark or copyright law, but regardless of legal technicalities, this is a cool print.

Put some history on your wall and show off how Walt originally intended Mickey to look.



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