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17 Weird and Fun Mickey Mouse Gift Ideas

Mickey Mouse Plate

Ward Kimball Mickey Mouse Plate

Rare limited edition plate featuring a modern interpretation of Mickey Mouse by Disney artist and animator Ward Kimball. This image was originally created for the book, The Art of Mickey Mouse. The plate is numbered and hand signed by the artist with glazed color front and gloss black bottom. Ward Kimball (1914-2002) first came to the Disney Studios in 1934, worked as an animator on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, developed the character of Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio, and was animation supervisor on Dumbo, Fantasia, Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, and Peter Pan.

Limited edition of 300

17-1/4 inches wide

2-5/8 inches tall

We have seen this plate sell for $750.

Mickey Mouse as Uncle Sam

Mickey Mouse as Uncle Sam

Mickey Mouse is Uncle Same in this large figurine statue that, with the base, is two feet tall.

Perfect for anyone who is patriotic or into politics.

Sorcerer's Apprentice Clock

Franz Hermle Mickey Mouse Clock

This clock is made in the shape of the Sorcerer's Apprentice Hat.

It is a Franz Hermle Walt Disney World Exclusive Limited Edition Sorcerer's Apprentice Clock. It features a 14-day wind-up clock.

Made in Germany itt is approx 14" tall & 7" across bottom. This was a limited edition (1500) clock produced to be sold retail $900 at Walt Disney World.

Merrythought Bear

Mickey Mouse Merrythought

This Mickey Mouse err bear by Merrythought was a limited edition of 200.

It stands about ten inches tall and is made of mohair. And yes, it looks hairy.

It is also very collectible, worth more than $500.

Antique Door Knocker

Mickey Mouse Door Knocker

This particular antique door knocker dates to about 1930. Due to its age and condition it sold for $475.

An interesting way to add a little fun and charm to your home.

Colorful Mickey Mouse Bucket

Mickey Mouse Ohio Art Bucket

An antique bucket by Ohio Art.

Depending on your home something like this could be quite the addition. This particular bucket sold for $425, but you can probably find a similar treasure for less.

Mickey Mouse Guitar Pick

Mickey Mouse Guitar Pick

Why use an ordinary, plain, blah white guitar pick, when you can use a Mickey Mouse guitar pick?

Mickey Mouse Funny Money

Mickey Mouse Dollar

Funny money from the Mouse.

There are a lot of varieties of dollar bills you can get with Mickey on them. This one might be a bit too authentic - not that you would ever try to spend it. We have more on our Mickey Dollars Bills page

Mickey Mouse Fountain Pen

Mickey Mouse Fountain Pen

Mickey Mouse Pen

This is a new Pilot Namiki Mickey Mouse Limited Edition Fountain Pen. It comes in a custom box and an 18k gold medium sized nib.

Many less expensive pen varities are also available. You can't go wrong with a Mickey pen.

Lifesize Mickey Mouse

Life size Mickey Mouse

If you love Mickey then wouldn't you love even more Mickey?

Check out a life size Mickey Mouse. Maybe this should greet people when they visit you!

This life sized statue is 53 inches high (four feet five inches). You can also get full size cardboard cutouts which are easily placed.

Mickey Mouse Vase

Elisabete Gomes Mickey Mouse Vase

This stunning vase is large, but not gaudy, and would go well most anywhere.

Designed by artist Elisabete Gomes, this vase is 15 and one-half inches tall and a twelve inches wide. A limited edition of 75 were made.

Mickey Mouse Shoes

Mickey Mouse Adidas shoes

Shown are adult size, men's Mickey Mouse shoes by Adidas.

Guys. Seriously. Leave the Mickey Mouse shoes for the kids.

Mickey Mouse Floor Mats

Mickey Mouse Floor Mats

Car floor mats, especially from the dealer, are intentionally boring.

This is a fun way to liven up your car and providing personality.

These plastic black and white floor mats are also easy to clean.

Waterford Crystal Mickey Ears

Mickey Mouse Waterford Ears

This Waterford crystal has been called a hat, a paperweight, and just plain cool ears.

It was issued in limited edition release (1,955 issued) during the 40th anniversary year of the Mickey Mouse Club.

The crystal is about six inches from ear to ear. It has the Mickey Mouse Club logo and 40th Anniversary reference. The Disney copyright is near the logo and the Waterford logo is on the bottom of the crystal. More Mickey Mouse Waterford Crystal items are here ...

Mickey Mouse Autograph

Mickey Mouse Autograph

Can a cartoon character sign an autograph?

Apparently so!

Mickey and Pluto penned this fun letter in 1933 using "Silly Symphony Ink". The letter states:

To 'Mr. and Mrs. / GiLbert HaLL / Chicago, Ill.' In full, 'Dear Friends Walt has asked told me to write and thank you For the Nice way you treated him while he was visiting in Chicago. He left me at home to Do the work while He galavanted around and took my bows
now he makes me write his
thank you letters - P.S.
WhatTA Boss
thank you, For him
Sincerely Mickey Mouse'

Value and Pricing: We saw this vintage Mickey Mouse autograph in excellent condition sell for $2200.

Mickey Mouse Hood Ornament

Mickey Mouse Desmo Hood Ornament

Three inches of automobile fun!

Do you remember when cars had great hood ornaments? Few do today, and nothing like this full color Mickey figure.

This is the Desmo Mickey Mouse hood ornament. The front of the base has stamped the word Desmo. Walt Disney is stamped on the other side.

Value and Pricing: We saw this vintage Mickey Mouse Desmo hood ornament in good condition sell for $1200.

Mickey Mouse Ray Ban Sunglasses

Mickey Mouse Ray Ban Sunglasses

In 2016 Ray Ban team-up with Disney to produce a limited edition of Wayfarer Ray-Ban Mickey Mouse sunglasses.

A very classic look with a very classic Mouse.

Only 2000 were made and they sold out quickly. You cannot buy them from Ray Ban, but you may find a pair (maybe) on the secondary market.

Made in Italy, the sunglasses are black and feature a Mickey print on the outside of the temples.

Value and Pricing: We saw these Ray Ban Mickey Mouse sunglasses sell for almost $400.

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